10 Things for Fall

10 Things you can do after work today to prepare your home for Fall

As the seasons change, the utility of your home will change as well. Your home will turn into your retreat as the daylight dwindles earlier each day. You may not even notice a dramatic change in weather until winter, so Fall is great time to prepare for these needs.

The 10 Things below will inspire you to make small changes in this season of opportunity to ensure your home is cozy and welcoming for your family and guests.

1. Harvest your Garden

photo via  Julie Blanner

photo via Julie Blanner

photo via  100 Layer Cake

photo via 100 Layer Cake

Hearty decorative produce is a great way to bring the outdoors inside in a way that feels organic and fresh. It’s time to harvest the squash and adorn your home with these fall fruits instead of the go-to summer citrus.

2. Plump your Pillows

Pull out the occasional pillows and reintroduce them to fresh air before the snow falls. Down filling can absorb moisture over time and flatten in shape. If they've been packed away for most of the year, you'll want to plump them back up with a few shakes, or even toss them in the dryer with a tennis ball for about 10 minutes. Your cozy cushions and pillows will provide enticing seating areas for any rainy day activity.

3. Relocate a Cozy Throw

That cozy blanket you've been staging in the guest room can become a game changer in the family room. Drape a throw over your ottoman, or layer it over the back of your sofa, which can change up the color scheme completely. For example, these two throws bring out the fall colors of this contemporary art creating a cozy, inviting space to watch holiday movies or read a classic novel.

4. Add a Toe Warmer

The "Toe Warmer" has been a signature style of Rumor Designs since our founding in 2008. Typically known as a "bed scarf" we've come up with our own name for this design hack to prioritize function over fashion. Fold over an extra blanket or patterned duvet at the end of your bed until needed as the temperature drops overnight.

5. Catalog Your Coffee Table Books

photo via  Pinterest

photo via Pinterest

photo via  Pinterest

photo via Pinterest

Rotate your cookbooks out of the kitchen and pull down your dusty classics from the library. Swap out your coffee table art and fashion books for more approachable reads that will provide warmth through the winter nights when nothing on Netflix will suffice.

6. Create Fall Feels with a Home Fragrance

photo via  Pinterest

photo via Pinterest

Diffusers, essential oils and candles are a great way to bring mood enhancing scents into your home. LAFCO candles are our favorite option for a home fragrance that will burn 90 hours, made with natural essential oil-based fragrances. Add one of these scented candles into a catch all tray with a book of matches for autumn ambiance in a snap.

7. Stage your Mudroom

The entry way into your home sets the stage and tone for the rest of your evening. Set out your muck boots and umbrellas to prepare for mud season conditions while creating a Pinterest worthy vignette for Fall. You may even decide to walk the pup after dinner more often - rain, snow, or shine.

8. Create a Command Station

photo via  Trendir

photo via Trendir

The whole family is running around now that school is back in session, from winter sports club schedules and dance rehearsals, so it's important to remember that communication is key. Replace one or two pieces of artwork on your gallery wall with a chalkboard command station. If your household already has one, you can script autmn poems and tack up daily affirmations or incoming holiday cards.

9. Stock up on Brown Booze

Refresh your bar cart or wet bar with seasonal spirits and accompanying mixers for a fabulous fall cocktail at a moments notice. Brown booze goes a long way in the winter months, from hot toddy's and baking, to holiday parties and last minute gifts.

10. Keep your Greenery!

An olive branch or magnolia foliage can adapt to any seasonal decor- and florals don’t have to die out by winter. Keep them around and in every room, these greenery pieces and stems can single handedly refresh any space. Invest in faux florals that look and feel organic no matter the season.

If you're not ready for Fall by now, get in the mood with a few leaf peeping excursions. The aspens and ferns are already changing colors and they will be covered in snow before you know it!