4 Steps to Becoming More Organized

4 stepsto becomingmore organized.jpg

January is National Get Organized Month and we’re getting involved. Sure we’re designers; we’re organized – by color as a matter of fact! However, even the best of us need to back away from the scene of the crime and assess the situation. Truth, we’ve been working within the same space plan for the past three years, we are well overdue for a re-design.

Executed effectively, getting organized can help you keep on track with all of those big resolutions you made. Maybe getting organized was one of those resolutions - either way,

An organized life helps ease the stress of other obstacles you’ll encounter throughout the year.

And just to be clear, we’re not talking about being tidy. We’re talking about being organized, which is substantially different. Being organized is arranging items of similar category or subject matter in the same areas. Being tidy is just one step further, and we’d like to save that for another month. Being tidy is narrowing down those items to only the things you must have, those items that speak to you and in the words of Marie Kondo “spark joy.”

It’s in our name to re-design and with that comes serious organization tactics. So how will we take on the challenge of National Get Organized Month? We are taking ourselves on as the first design client of 2019! All hands on deck, brainstorming in progress, “wait till you see what Rumor did,” kind of design work. Ok, we won’t oversell it, but our step-by-step design process can help even the most disorganized, chaotic personality types.

Room Layout.png
  • First things first, consider these variables: What is the space used for, who will use this space and how do you want to feel in this space? Other considerations, where do you feel most inspired, happy, at peace? How you can implement your feelings from that place into your own space?

  • Secondly, sharpen your pencil, use crayons if you must and draw out the shape of the room. Drop in the essentials of your space, in our case – we’re working with desks, meeting tables and display cabinetry, the big items. Also, keeping in mind dimensions and precise measurements. Here’s a great tutorial for “How To Draw A Simple Room Layout”.

  • Thirdly, if possible, take everything out of the space – especially those big pieces of furniture that can prevent you from achieving your desired flow. Option to move everything to one side of the room while you work on the other, it’s flexible.

  • Lastly, put the pieces back together while you nudge, fluff, and mess with it a few more times. These first and last steps require the most thought, attention to detail and will require more time within the process. Be prepared for this mental excerise and further, the physical requirements of the project. Do you need to hire help? Maybe save it for a weekend when there are more hands to help around the house. If possible, complete the installation in one afternoon. Take your time with the rest if you need to purchase specific items to fill in new spaces, or storage solutions.

This fresh perspective of your space will inspire you to organize even more parts of your life and start the new year off right. As far as our space goes, we're spending extra time on Steps 1 & 2 and will be executing Steps 3 & 4 come February. Stay tuned!