Improve Your Mood + Sleep in the Bedroom

There are many factors that go into getting a good night’s sleep, and for a lot of people, it’s still a big mystery. With some basic math, you’ll realize that you spend about one-third of your life sleeping. We think that’s a pretty significant amount to take stock of, so how can we help?

Our solutions stem from the function of your space and the design aesthetic of your surroundings. Ultimately this space affects your day-to-day mood, and in turn affects the quality of your sleep. Does your bedroom function in a way that provides you with optimal sleeping conditions? Good news, there are a few key pieces below that you can get to work on today!

Imagine - your bare feet on a soft, warm rug. Your eyes adjust, restful in the ambient light, the smell of fresh cotton sheets invite you in, and the sound of this quiet space allows you to finally relax.

If you’re ready to explore this type of environment, let’s start from the floor up.

On a hard surfaced floor like wood or tile, we suggest a large area rug that spans the border of your bed. Carpeting can be left alone or enhanced with a fun textured rug. Choose a low pile made of soft quality textiles and a pattern or color that physically brings a smile to your lips. You’ll look down at this rug twice a day, when you slip in and out of bed.


Furniture in this space is all about function, so please remove any chunky, creaking, sticky drawer armoire you might still be holding on to. We want to keep this space clutter free with space saving solutions and reliable, curated pieces.

A sturdy bed frame with a headboard will serve as a backboard for reading and prevent any stains or dents on your accent wall. A slim bench at the toe-end of your bed will provide a sitting area to take off your shoes or store extra blankets for cold winter nights. If your space allows for a reading nook, use these four pieces to create a serene oasis - a cozy chair with ottoman, a floor lamp for task lighting, and a side table for your book, hot tea and/or a small vase with flowers – items that make you happy!


Your closet can be so much more than a rod hanging across an eight-foot opening. A personalized closet system keeps you organized and ultimately minimalist, prioritizing space for things you love. Shelving, drawers, hang bars, jewelry trays, pant hangars, tie and belt racks, are all helpful tools to simplify your routine and improve your overall mood morning and night.




Color can absolutely affect your mood and your sleep, so we will typically play it safe here with a calming, neutral tone of white or gray paint. Accent colors or wallpaper can be placed on one wall at the headboard that will add to the aesthetic but not detract from your line of sight while lying in bed. You can play around with textured papers and woods as long as there is not too much movement, patterns or variations in color.

Color variation between the walls and your furnishings should compliment each other. Complimenting colors can be found on opposite sides of a color wheel, and pop more effectively on a neutral pallet. If your walls are a soft gray with a wooded accent wall, use a dark navy headboard to enhance a rich, luxurious feel. If you’re going for something more casual and bright, try black and white with pops of orange, yellow or pinks. The combinations are endless, but balance is key!


A successfully designed room will include three types of lighting, ambient, task and statement. Can you identify each in your current space?

  • Ambient lighting is a soft glow that blankets your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare such as can lights, strategically placed within the ceiling.
  • Task lighting is for specific activities like late night reading with bedside sconces, which will ease strain in your eyes and your sleep.
  • Statement lighting can add to the room on its own, or in a small space, be a combination of ambient or task lighting within a chandelier or floor lamp. This type of lighting is like tasteful jewelry, which should enhance the overall aesthetic, and not take away or distract.

We won’t leave out shades and window treatments in this category as they serve to block or allow in natural lighting, something extremely coveted in the bedroom. Keep these items light in material and color to minimize heat absorption and maximize an open feel.

You Can Do It!

Believe it or not, these simple checklist items can improve your mood and your sleep overnight! Or within a few nights if you take these tasks one by one. If you need more help with your bedroom makeover, overhaul – you know who to call!