Hashtag Blessed

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There are so many things to be thankful for when you work as a creative team, serving clients who love this town and the Steamboat way of life. We appreciate this time of year when we can express our gratitude and share how truly #blessed we are to live and play in this beautiful place.

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, with friends and family coming into town and so much activity going on. We notice this in the interior design world as deadlines approach and every last sub is booked and overworked. Yes, we take on a lot of stress as well managing back-ordered furniture, recovering from shipping accidents and pressing on to make sure our clients have a place to call home on Christmas Day.

Most days we find time to laugh and share stories and then immediately get back to work. However, in the hustle and bustle of our busy days it’s just enough to keep us sane. We must remember the reasons we do what we do and the sense of accomplishment and pride we take in each of our projects.

Here are 5 things we are thankful for:

The Rumor Team: Cameron, Vicky, Lauren, Cassie, Valerie, Deb, Lindsey, Leslie (missing: Bruce, Sierra) at the Best of the Boat 2017 Annual Awards Show

The Rumor Team: Cameron, Vicky, Lauren, Cassie, Valerie, Deb, Lindsey, Leslie (missing: Bruce, Sierra) at the Best of the Boat 2017 Annual Awards Show

growing the team:

At the beginning of November we brought on two incredible humans to the team, Lauren and Cameron. They are superstars who specialize in order management and warehouse organization. This means that every item we select gets placed, tracked, received and stocked with extra care and supervision. Now our designers are able to focus in their creative work and spend more QT with our clients.

Best of the Boat 2017:

On November 10th we attended the annual Best of the Boat Awards and were so honored to be announced First Place – Best Interior Designer. It was great to hang out as a team outside of the studio and celebrate our win. We are honored to have been recognized for our work and know that our community appreciates our talented team.

Closed for Thanksgiving:

We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Friday, the day after. We are so thankful to take some time for ourselves, to enjoy our own homes and spend time with our families. Thank you Steamboat and our clients for allowing us this time off and understanding that a healthy, happy designer is the best kind.

Start of Ski Season:

With the celebration of Thanksgiving comes the kick-off of Ski Season! Again, this is why our team lives in and loves Steamboat. We are a mixed bag of skiers and boarders who take advantage of Powder Days and savor the sweet smell of snow.

Exciting Projects in 2018:

2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of Rumor Design + reDesign. We have grown and evolved into the amazing team we are today and are looking forward to the upcoming and ongoing projects through the New Year.

Let us know what you are thankful for in the comments. Any tiny thoughts of gratitude should be shared with the universe! Thank you for reading!