Design Book Review: The Magnolia Story


The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines is an inspiring, easy read of a truly hard working couple who are comparable to rock stars in the Interior Design world.

Do you ever just want to watch a romantic comedy because you know it will make you feel good? Or more specifically, do you ever put on HGTV’s Fixer Upper just to watch the genuine compatibility of Chip and Joanna Gaines? We are all about the good feels and savored the story behind the success of Magnolia Home.

Visualizing Joanna’s descriptions of Waco, meeting Chip and starting their first retail shop, will come naturally if you've ever binged on Fixer Upper. Get ready to transport yourself back through 2008, a time of uncertainty for many, yet full of passion and prayers for Chip and Joanna.

They had endured a lot on their way to the top of the Interior Design world with plenty of unimaginable and hilarious bumps along the road. In this 184 page book, you’ll quickly read through their journey and start planning your trip to the Silos before you know it.

We are well aware that Chip and Joanna have retired their reality TV career, but also know that this was only one chapter in their life story. If you miss them already, their “theme park” home décor travel destination in Waco, TX should be added to your bucket list immediately. You can purchase curated pieces from Joanna herself at your local Target and shop online at the Magnolia Market.

Chip and Joanna are not going away any time soon, so pull up a cozy chair and get to know these two beautiful people through their book The Magnolia Story. You’ll be inspired to pursue your own passions, be kind to others along the way, and maybe even hire a professional to renovate your home or brave the project yourself! We find ourselves asking now, "what would Joanna do?"

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