Rumor Showroom Spotlight: Selenite Terminated Stone

“Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourselves, “What does this object mean to me?” Nate Berkus.

Here is a beautiful example of a decorative piece you can feel good about adding to your home collection. Regardless of whether you believe in its powers or not, selenite is a beautiful natural object to live with. Each piece is unique with natural inclusions, crystal formations, opacity and dimensions.

Named after Selene, goddess of the Moon, selenite comes with many mythological stories. It is believed to possess unique cleansing powers, providing clarity within its environment and cleaning other crystals that are placed on it. It radiates white light and removes negative and unpure energy in its surroundings. In crystal healing therapy, it is calming, providing mental clarity and objectivity.

Found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, selenite is a naturally occurring salt mineral, formed millions of years ago. These cubes of selenite are slightly tapered to a point and partially polished. The point concentrates the energy and directs it upwards.

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How They are Made

Clay-walled farming villages dot the surreal landscape. Selenite occurs in narrow veins which can only be excavated from hand-dug caves. The most precious, pure large crystals are buried deep and the miners will go in as far as 200 feet to extract the minerals without any modern equipment – only a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. The work is painstaking and becomes more dangerous as the depth increases. Once a vein is exhausted, the mine is refilled with the original terrain to ensure stability of the mountainside.

The raw stones are taken from the mines to a warehouse in a local village, then trucked to a workshop for processing by skilled craftspeople. Selenite is beautiful in its raw state where all the inclusions and optic striations are visible. It’s also hand polished and shaped with simple tools into a variety of geometric forms. The soft texture of the stone allows it to be polished to a satin-like shine.

Info & Images of Selenite provided by our vendor resource.

Info & Images of Selenite provided by our vendor resource.