Faux Florals

Faux, for Real?

When you think of faux plants and flowers, do you think "cheapy plastic?" We used to think that until we discovered sources we love for gorgeous silk arrangements that look and feel real, for real!

Why faux? Organic elegance, understated chic, and unexpected style with minimal maintenance.

Not everyone has a green thumb, and even those who are talented in this area can appreciate their beauty, no matter the season! Our vendors have an immeasurable love of all things floral and a desire to replicate them in the most representational way possible. Their collections are created with the finest hand crafted quality and botanical accuracy.

We're no botanists however, we are designers and can assure you that faux arrangements can be done well, no matter your style or space.

Try it for yourself! We've just selected delicate peonies, orchids and cherry blossom arrangements for you in our retail showroom. Just because it's Fall outside, doesn't mean your decor has to wither inside. These expertly curated concepts provide inspiration and a better visual of how new faux florals will fit in your space.

Take a look below at our past design projects where faux pieces inject color and life into each room. Plants and produce also shine in spaces like the kitchen and bath.



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