3 Easy Decor Tricks for Renters

If you’re renting, more than likely you are not able to achieve all of your HGTV décor dreams. Landlords typically don’t appreciate any significant modifications without them knowing, and why spend your own money on a rented space?

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t live in a beautiful surrounding that inspires you daily. As we transition into a new season, we love to refresh our spaces. Use these three tricks to maximize your style this summer, rented or owned.  


1. Lean your artwork against the wall without spending too much time hanging it precisely and patching it up afterwards. This method allows you to layer various sized pieces on any dresser, console or mantle.


2. Layer your area rugs. This will add texture to the floors, warmth and cover up potentially unpleasant flooring. Pair mismatched shapes and sizes, patterns and colors to create a wow factor.


3. DIY furniture. If you’re really itching to decorate more of your space, use a few found furniture pieces to refinish or paint. You can always take these pieces with you or sell them if you move.

These chairs were salvaged on their way to the dumpster. The legs were painted black with a gold dipped look. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on this fairly simple diy project.

Let us know what design projects you have in the works, stop by the studio for inspiration or advice Monday-Friday 10-5pm.

DIY: Terrarium

Spring Terrarium - inspiration for an off-season activity.

In Steamboat Springs, our off seasons are affectionately referred to as “Mud Season”. It’s a quiet time of year where the busy wave of tourism has died down and locals either vacate for greener, drier grass or withstand the gray skies and muddy patches to enjoy the silence. In this silence, interior designers also enjoy the change of pace. We actually do Spring Clean our office and homes, and revamp for the upcoming busy summer of home and garden.

In celebration of Mud Season, we encourage you to play in the mud! Or just a small amount of it, by designing and building your own terrarium. We love these DIY terrariums because you can nurture a small ecosystem with a sense of accomplishment and enjoy it for the beauty that is simplistic, natural décor. For the little ones, this off-season activity can be extremely fulfilling and a fun learning experience for the whole family.

If your mud season includes a passport to Mexico, try this simple recipe for a modern terrarium that requires no watering. While you're soaking up the sun and fun, this zero maintenance terrarium will be waiting for you back in Steamboat!

Modern Terrarium Recipe:

$5 - white pebbles             +

$20 - ball candle                +

$35-90 Terrarium