Mother's Day for the Steamboat Mom

Mud Season Exodus

Mud Season Exodus

­The Steamboat Mom is unlike any other woman in town. She has more hats in her closet than anyone can imagine. From her active lifestyle to her practical taste, she exudes confidence even when life throws her a curve ball. She manages to be an active member in the community, and a role model for her children. She leads by example in everything she does, from what she eats and feeds her family to how she balances her work, family and social life. And like all moms around the world, she has an innate ability to make a house feel like home.

We can appreciate the talent mothers possess for setting this mood as home decor is our specialty. Clearly this feeling goes beyond decor and no matter what home looks like to you, the feeling of home is undeniable. We have a few ideas of ways to show your appreciation for Mom and the home she has built for her family. These items were selected with the Steamboat Mom in mind, to compliment and enhance her home.


4. Selenite Stone to match Mom's Magnetic Energy. 5. Upgrade Mom's Tablescape with This Stylish Server Set. 6. Ski House aromatics for the Steamboat Home.

Moms should be celebrated everyday, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are happy to have this designated time to say “Thank You!” Thank you for everything you have done for us. Although everyday isn’t perfect through the eyes of a mother and the house isn't always HGTV ready, the memories we keep as children are truly special moments in life.

Transformation Tuesday: Bear Claw

Location, location, location. That was pretty much all this slope side condo had to offer. We gutted the entire space and re-imagined what could be. The design is contemporary sleek from real hardwood floors to faux steel beams which all help to achieve this look and feel of slope-side chic.

A few of our favorite amenities include the automated wet bar, located to the right of the kitchen in the dining room area. The bar is controlled by remote to lower a top shelf selection of liquor. We love the additional master bedroom fireplace and the 3Form privacy panel and custom closet in the Jr. Master Bath. You would never know you were inside one of the oldest condominium buildings in Steamboat Springs.

Living Room After

Living Room After

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Living Room After

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Kitchen After: Wet Bar Addition

Kitchen After: Wet Bar Addition

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Kitchen Inspiration Photo

Kitchen Inspiration Photo

Dining Room After

Dining Room After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Dining Room After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Bathroom After

Bathroom After: Built in closest system with 3form privacy panel     For more photos from this project, click below:

Bathroom After: Built in closest system with 3form privacy panel


For more photos from this project, click below:

DIY: Terrarium

Spring Terrarium - inspiration for an off-season activity.

In Steamboat Springs, our off seasons are affectionately referred to as “Mud Season”. It’s a quiet time of year where the busy wave of tourism has died down and locals either vacate for greener, drier grass or withstand the gray skies and muddy patches to enjoy the silence. In this silence, interior designers also enjoy the change of pace. We actually do Spring Clean our office and homes, and revamp for the upcoming busy summer of home and garden.

In celebration of Mud Season, we encourage you to play in the mud! Or just a small amount of it, by designing and building your own terrarium. We love these DIY terrariums because you can nurture a small ecosystem with a sense of accomplishment and enjoy it for the beauty that is simplistic, natural décor. For the little ones, this off-season activity can be extremely fulfilling and a fun learning experience for the whole family.

If your mud season includes a passport to Mexico, try this simple recipe for a modern terrarium that requires no watering. While you're soaking up the sun and fun, this zero maintenance terrarium will be waiting for you back in Steamboat!

Modern Terrarium Recipe:

$5 - white pebbles             +

$20 - ball candle                +

$35-90 Terrarium

Fear of Decorating + Tips to Overcome It

This client used our last tip to achieve the result above.

This client used our last tip to achieve the result above.

Believe it or not, there are some people in this world who have a fear of decorating! We believe this stems from a place where most fears are rooted, in change. It's not uncommon to fear change especially in your private, personal space. You've kept up this "look" for a long time, you're not about to change it all on a whim. We get it, change is hard for everyone, however, as we evolve, our homes should too. We are here to help with a few tips and steps you can take now to clear the clutter, streamline your style and finally overcome your fear of decorating.

You might have gathered, it is our job and passion to assist homeowners in decorating and re-decorating their homes. For those who find terror in the task, our design team jumps at the opportunity to ease this seemingly life-changing transition. We advise our clients to fear not, as we are here to help. If hiring a professional isn’t number one on your list, here are some other easy, low cost options to overcome a fear of decorating:

  • Start with a blank slate. Your space is piled with books and nick-knacks and sure it's "tidy" enough but how do you really know what you're working with? If you haven't read Marie Kondo's "The Art of Tidying up" we'll give you the cliffs notes: go through every single shelf, drawer and corner of the room and ask yourself if these items truly bring you joy. If they do, put them in a box labeled "Home Decor" that you'll use later to accessorize your new space. If they don't, donate, gift or toss!
  • Create an old school vision board. Tear out pages from magazines and place sticky notes on what you love; specific color schemes, furniture styles, patterns, accessories, and architectural details. 
  • Get a Houzz account! Inspiration is at your fingertips with Houzz, Pinterest and endless free online resources. Save your pictures in galleries labeled by room and take the time to write meaningful captions on why you pinned the photo you’re saving. These freebie apps and websites can help reveal what style suits you best. Before you know it, you’re a “mid-century modern” maniac or a “shabby chic” shoo-in!
  • Start small with color. Ready to take the next step? You’ve pinned a wall color you love but are scared to use it. Consider using a piece of art you love, small accessories, or accent pillows in this specific color. These are all small ways to bring in color without making a drastic change or breaking the budget. Leave these color accents in the room for a few days to help ease the visual transition. Also, remember paint is paint, try it. If you don’t like it after a few days, paint over it!
  • Break out your "Home Decor" Box. When you're ready to accessorize, use those items that you love and are meaningful to you such as artifacts, family heirlooms, children’s art, or items from travels. If you use what you love and what inspires you, there is no fear in that!
  • Just do it. If you have a decorating idea but you’re unsure, just go for it! You will never know until you try it, if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work, but it could be a grand idea and before your know it, you’re pretty good at this whole decorating thing.
  • Hire a designer. Yes that's where we come in! “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. Check references in your local area on or work with an i-designer and meet via FaceTime to save time and money in your design contract.

We've been called decorators, magicians, therapists and hand-holders - we're also pretty fearless when it comes to home decor. Sometimes you have to jump in with both feet.

Rumor Design + LAFCO House & Home

For each room of the home, we've created a look and feel that pairs with the modern home and unique scents of each LAFCO candle. All of these home accessories and decor can be found right in our retail showroom at 345 Lincoln. Ave in downtown Steamboat Springs, CO.

"LAFCO candles are hand poured in the USA and optimized to yield a 90-hour burn. Formulated with a specialty high soy content wax which burns cleaner than paraffin. Made with natural essential oil-based fragrances that burns richly and evenly, filling the entire space with fragrance. Each candle is made in a hand-blown art glass vessel whose sophisticated lines and vibrant colors will compliment any space, long after the wax has burned." $65/ea.

Ski House

Feu de Bois - Woody, smoky and warm: Fresh Pine provides a crisp opening to this cozy woody blend that beautifully portrays the warmth and relaxing mood of sitting by a blazing fire. Patchouli, Virginia Cedar and precious Sandalwood form a potent heart, as smoky Leather Accord and hints of Vanilla and Frankincense bring a comforting finish.

Ski Pillow - Reminiscent of a day on the slopes, Meet You at the Lodge will transform your home into the perfect snow-covered retreat. Block printed on burlap, zipper closure, cloud faux down pillow insert. Made in the USA. 18"x18" $95

Brass Antlers - Bring the outside in with these decorative sheds. They add a little flash and a lot of interest to any space of your Ski House. S/2 $79

Powder Room

Duchess Peony - Sparkling floral: A lush bouquet of silken Peony Blossoms and sophisticated pink Rose is the centerpiece for this exquisite mix, which is at once delicate and majestic. Rain Mist gilds glistening Cassis Berries, framed by a field of soft Camellia and powdery Floral Musk for a subtle, feminine finish.

La Femme Baignoire - A chic, stunning adaptation of a French sculptor's beloved work in a biodegradable, eco-friendly stone composite. Place "The Bathing Lady" contemporary figurine in a high-profile spot of your powder room for maximum visibility and admiration. $250

Purple Orchid - Orchid Phalaenopsis in Glass Ball brings beauty and color into any space. 11" W x 12" H. $99

Meditation Room

Mint Tisane - Aromatic and Fresh: Fresh and revitalizing with a spa-like mood. Citrus notes dry down to reveal the natural aromatic heart of Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Basil, Anise, Sage and Bay Leaf. A spicy blend of Ginger and Clove add depth and distinction.

Selenite Terminated Stone - Found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, selenite is a naturally occurring salt mineral, formed millions of years ago. These cubes of selenite are slightly tapered to a point and partially polished. The point concentrates the energy and directs it upwards. $215

Geometric Wool Pillow - Charcoal and ivory diamond pattern woven in multi contents with cotton back fabric. 13"x21". Made in India. $75


Champagne - Sparkling, clean citrus: A juicy mélange of crisp Grapefruit, Orange pulp, Mandarin Zest, and Tuscan Lemon sets the tone for this vibrant fragrance that evokes a luxurious and rarified mood. Effervescent Ginger adds a bubbly sparkle to the bouquet of Rose and Neroli, and Verbena sustains a clean freshness in the drydown.

Atom Pendant Chandelier - Modern 9-light pendant with smoked grey glass globes to set the mood in a sophisticated space. $500

Earl's Court Throw - Drawing on the spirit of some of our favorite London spots, the luxurious, washable cotton blend of our Earls Court throw brings a touch of that wonderful city’s sophistication and vitality into your Penthouse decor. $139


Cilantro Orange - Crisp and energizing: A burst of tart Orange and succulent Mandarin pulp blend beautifully with energizing Petitgrain and crisp Avocado essence to portray a dewy freshness on a shimmering background of aromatic Cilantro and iced Lemon Verbena.

Aldo Marble Cheese Board - Elegant rounded corners and beveled edges distinguish this modern white marble and sheesham wood table accessory. 10" Square. $63

Decorative Wood Bowl - Arrange fresh fruit more invitingly in this slanted wood bowl. $89


Rosemary Eucalyptus - Aromatic and invigorating: sweet, tangy Juniper Berry and aromatic Garden Sage dance with fresh-cut Rosemary and vitalizing Eucalyptus. Dark, sensual Patchouli creates an earthy, woody edge and spicy Elemi instills balance and a grounding effect.

Darrow Leather Ottoman - The ottoman, re-invented. Cunningly shaped and distressed, flatstock iron supports a spare-yet-comfortable cushion in aged, top grain leather. $1,225

Faux Succulent Set - four gorgeous succulents in glass cubes add color and life into your work space. S/4 $229

Wine Room

Blackberry Pomegranate - Fruity and woody: An unexpected mix of Black Apple, Black Pomegranate and Bordeaux notes create a lush fruity sensation. Lemon, Cypress and Black Eucalyptus give aromatic facets, while Jasmine and Ylang add a subtle floral caress. A foundation of Patchouli, Black Cedar, aged Oakwood and smoky Vetiver provide depth.

Tea Light Holders - A tribute to the iconic Harry Bertoia 'sound sculptures' of the 1960's, these deconstructed pieces of functional sculpture hold tapered or votive candles. S/3 $149

Kate Spade Tassel Pillow - This linen pillow with lush tassels and an airy lattice-work border punches up the color and comfort quotient of your wine room with panache. 20" x 20". $143

Master Bedroom

Chamomile Lavender - Relaxing, aromatic floral: Warm and enveloping top notes of sparkling Bergamot and calming Chamomile melt into a dramatic heart of Lavender and fresh Eucalyptus, creating a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Smoky Patchouli is enhanced by hints of aromatic Sage, Honey Flower and Rosemary for a smooth, sensual finish.

600 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets - Beautiful single-ply sateen weave. Long-staple authentic Egyptian cotton. Ultra-deep pockets. Single-ply yarns produce a true thread count. $220-$250

White Orchid - Bring calm and cool colors into your master bedroom with this Orchid Phalaenopsis in a patina glass bowl. 11wx6dx17h $159

How Interior Design can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

The coming new year inspires us all to look back and evaluate the successes and failures of the past 12 months. This is a healthy, natural cycle whether you resolve to make changes or simply assess the past in order to continue to move forward.

365 days seems like such a small amount of time to get anything substantial done, and without a plan of action - forget it. Lucky for you, the Rumor design team has come up with a few ways to help with your proposed resolutions. Instead of just listing off the usual suspects, we’ve come up with ways to actually resolve this ongoing list of fair weathered wishes.

Eat Healthy


We all resolve to eat healthy, don’t we? It’s just one of those resolutions that stay on the top of our list. Especially in our active, health conscious town, we’ve come to realize healthy eating is more of a lifestyle than an actual “to-do”.

At the core of healthy eating and at the heart of the home, your kitchen will set you up for the greatest success. Believe it or not, all kitchens – big or small can be designed, or re-designed in a way that will maximize your foodie-fueled mission.

Let us help assess your space and we might even inspire you to morph your 2017 resolution to “remodel kitchen”.





Whether you workout at home, in the gym or on the mountain – our suggestion for success in this area is organization. Closet organization in your bedroom, mudroom or garage will help you better manage your workout/sporting gear for all of your favorite activities.

Now this may seem like a stretch, no pun intended, but organization in general will help you to achieve most of your resolutions. If working out or staying organized is the goal, we can help. Closet solutions are easily visualized after we assess the space and provide you with 3D renderings of what should be your new resolution, “closet/mudroom redo”.


Get More Sleep

This one is pretty easy to predict, but in case you haven’t had enough sleep to think of it – you might need new bedroom furniture, sheets or even a complete rearrangement of your space. We believe in the basics of simplistic modern design - even if your style is more rustic. Get the junk out of your room asap! Simplify your life and your sleeping space with less clutter. We have all of the remedies at Rumor, including an 8-person design team to expedite your resolutions of getting more sleep into “simplify my sleep space”.

Renovate the House

Well there’s a lovely idea, and we didn’t even suggest it! If the long-awaited or even dreaded process of finally remodeling your home is on your 2017 resolution list, we can help and help to make it a smooth process. Whether it’s one room, your entire home, a remodel or something you’re building from scratch – there is no better bunch of designers than the Rumor Team.

Next Steps:

  • Call us at 970.819.9721 to schedule your 1 hour complimentary consultation - *for new clients.
  • Look through our signature services and put down a retainer to jump start your project.
  • Sign up for a free Houzz account and start pinning what inspires you - we'll take a look and discuss the direction of your project.
  • Sit back and relax, we've got your remodel covered. By next year, you'll be resolving to sing our praises each day in your new space.

Cheers to you in 2017 - may you design a life you love!

What's up with Wallpaper

Do people still use wallpaper these days? The short answer is yes, but please, let us explain.

We know that wallpaper has scarred homeowners in the past with outdated patterns and adhesives making the entire experience cumbersome and dreaded. Interior white washing can be attributed to the overwhelming tone set by wallpaper trends of the 50’s through the 80’s.

In our already white washed exterior surrounding, known as winter in the Rocky Mountains, us alpine dwellers need to bring a little more color and life into our homes. Yes, interior texturing can be achieved in many ways without wallpaper, but don’t pass up the option too quickly.

Today's selection of wallpaper creates a world of design options with endless amounts of styles and textures, from organic fibers and reclaimed wood, to handmade patterns and colors.

We are proud advocates of safe wallpaper practice in the right space and application.

If you’re beginning to consider the idea of wallpaper for your home, remember that we are here to help. Start by selecting an accent wall in your home, meaning one of the four walls, or even the ceiling that could provide you with a little more personality if given the opportunity. Don’t be afraid to DIY - or if your patterns are more definite like the geometric wallpaper we have used below, consider hiring a professional.

Wallpaper can be bold and create interest in any space without overdoing it.

Check out our projects in progress for examples where wallpaper is used to set the tone for our relaxed lifestyle in a sophisticated way.

We have seen a trend in metallic shining through simple patterns and textures. This gold geometric outline creates dimension complimented by other geometric patterns in the space.

We have seen a trend in metallic shining through simple patterns and textures. This gold geometric outline creates dimension complimented by other geometric patterns in the space.

This textured wallpaper embellished by gold rivets adds interest in a powder bath. The hemp material can be wiped gently to clean and is a great option in a minimal use area.

This textured wallpaper embellished by gold rivets adds interest in a powder bath. The hemp material can be wiped gently to clean and is a great option in a minimal use area.

Another great option in wall covering is a thin wood material that can be applied in any pattern such as herringbone for a designer touch. We use Stikwood to create accent walls with a real wood look and feel. This product acts like wallpaper in an easy to apply product with a 10 year adhesive guarantee.

Another great option in wall covering is a thin wood material that can be applied in any pattern such as herringbone for a designer touch. We use Stikwood to create accent walls with a real wood look and feel. This product acts like wallpaper in an easy to apply product with a 10 year adhesive guarantee.




Faux, for Real?

When you think of faux plants and flowers, do you think "cheapy plastic?" We used to think that until we discovered sources we love for gorgeous silk arrangements that look and feel real, for real!

Why faux? Organic elegance, understated chic, and unexpected style with minimal maintenance.

Not everyone has a green thumb, and even those who are talented in this area can appreciate their beauty, no matter the season! Our vendors have an immeasurable love of all things floral and a desire to replicate them in the most representational way possible. Their collections are created with the finest hand crafted quality and botanical accuracy.

We're no botanists however, we are designers and can assure you that faux arrangements can be done well, no matter your style or space.

Try it for yourself! We've just selected delicate peonies, orchids and cherry blossom arrangements for you in our retail showroom. Just because it's Fall outside, doesn't mean your decor has to wither inside. These expertly curated concepts provide inspiration and a better visual of how new faux florals will fit in your space.

Take a look below at our past design projects where faux pieces inject color and life into each room. Plants and produce also shine in spaces like the kitchen and bath.



More Faux Inspo:

Shop our Showroom:

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.16.36 PM.png

Rumor Showroom Spotlight: Selenite Terminated Stone

“Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourselves, “What does this object mean to me?” Nate Berkus.

Here is a beautiful example of a decorative piece you can feel good about adding to your home collection. Regardless of whether you believe in its powers or not, selenite is a beautiful natural object to live with. Each piece is unique with natural inclusions, crystal formations, opacity and dimensions.

Named after Selene, goddess of the Moon, selenite comes with many mythological stories. It is believed to possess unique cleansing powers, providing clarity within its environment and cleaning other crystals that are placed on it. It radiates white light and removes negative and unpure energy in its surroundings. In crystal healing therapy, it is calming, providing mental clarity and objectivity.

Found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, selenite is a naturally occurring salt mineral, formed millions of years ago. These cubes of selenite are slightly tapered to a point and partially polished. The point concentrates the energy and directs it upwards.

Shop the Showroom for selenite and more unique pieces like this.

How They are Made

Clay-walled farming villages dot the surreal landscape. Selenite occurs in narrow veins which can only be excavated from hand-dug caves. The most precious, pure large crystals are buried deep and the miners will go in as far as 200 feet to extract the minerals without any modern equipment – only a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. The work is painstaking and becomes more dangerous as the depth increases. Once a vein is exhausted, the mine is refilled with the original terrain to ensure stability of the mountainside.

The raw stones are taken from the mines to a warehouse in a local village, then trucked to a workshop for processing by skilled craftspeople. Selenite is beautiful in its raw state where all the inclusions and optic striations are visible. It’s also hand polished and shaped with simple tools into a variety of geometric forms. The soft texture of the stone allows it to be polished to a satin-like shine.

Info & Images of Selenite provided by our vendor resource.

Info & Images of Selenite provided by our vendor resource.

Vegas Market Trends Summer 2016

Cozy Fringe

Fringe and Poms are everywhere right now from jewelry to clothing and now on throws and shams. The cozy fringe we've seen is fun and playful adding a little something to your everyday blanket or pillow. Kate Spade designed a bright line of fringed throws for one of our favorite lines Jaipur, which we were able to touch and feel in person. Dress up a guest room or just your living room sofa with these easy accessories.

Charred Wood

Charred Wood looks like the aftermath of an accidental wildfire, however this effect is a carefully designed finish and is showing up in some very creative forms. From furniture to decorative pieces, the charred wood look is rustic yet refined. This layered accent wall we noticed at Gold Leaf Design Group was painted white yet still showcases the unique charred texture adding an element of interest to any space. The lacquered table from Palacek is a beautiful example of how designers are crafting with charred and petrified wood allowing you see the beauty of the wood without damaging it through use.

Transforming Furniture

This unique leather sofa piece from Dovetail transforms easily into a tete' a tete' - needless to say, we had a lot of fun with this one! The kitchen island from Four Hands extends to seat an extra two to five guests and works great for small spaces or in homes of those who are only occasional entertainers. Another great piece we witnessed in action utilized automation with the click of a button to transform a sofa into a bed without the cumbersome mechanics of your typical pull-out sofa bed - genius! We noticed a lot of other cool mechanics in the sofa world, if you're interested in hearing more about it, come and chat with any of our designers.


Upgraded Style & Function in Outdoor Furniture

These funky wingback patio chairs were not only super stylish, but pretty comfortable as well. The elastic cord is a big trend in outdoor furniture and comes in every color imaginable. The glowing stools and planter pots from Zuo Mod were definitely eye catching and fun for summer nights. We also really loved the look and functionality of Seasonal Living's new line of cordless ceramic and stone outdoor lighting.

Interior Design Stars

Yes, we met the Property Brothers! Jonathan and Drew traveled all the way from their home in Vegas to the Vegas Market for their book release Dream Home. The Scott Brothers towered over us at 6'5" and we spent a wonderful 2 minutes with them!

Shea McGee on the other hand, spent a little more time with our team chatting about the business of Interior Design and her quick launch into success and minor celebrity. She owns the design firm Studio McGee out of Salt Lake City, Utah - a studio we adore and follow on social media.

Last but not least, Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper on HGTV - while not present at Market, had a big presence at Loloi - a company we love and use in our projects. Joanna worked with Loloi to design a special line of rugs and pillows from her collection Magnolia Homes.


The Rumor Team learned a lot at Vegas Market and we were able to bring back a few fun things we really loved. Our new line of sheets and pillows from Malouf just came in and are out on the shelves ready to take home. We also brought back a few gorgeous decorative pieces from Accent Decor. Stop by our showroom to see all of the goodies we've collected for you Steamboat!