How Interior Design can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

The coming new year inspires us all to look back and evaluate the successes and failures of the past 12 months. This is a healthy, natural cycle whether you resolve to make changes or simply assess the past in order to continue to move forward.

365 days seems like such a small amount of time to get anything substantial done, and without a plan of action - forget it. Lucky for you, the Rumor design team has come up with a few ways to help with your proposed resolutions. Instead of just listing off the usual suspects, we’ve come up with ways to actually resolve this ongoing list of fair weathered wishes.

Eat Healthy


We all resolve to eat healthy, don’t we? It’s just one of those resolutions that stay on the top of our list. Especially in our active, health conscious town, we’ve come to realize healthy eating is more of a lifestyle than an actual “to-do”.

At the core of healthy eating and at the heart of the home, your kitchen will set you up for the greatest success. Believe it or not, all kitchens – big or small can be designed, or re-designed in a way that will maximize your foodie-fueled mission.

Let us help assess your space and we might even inspire you to morph your 2017 resolution to “remodel kitchen”.





Whether you workout at home, in the gym or on the mountain – our suggestion for success in this area is organization. Closet organization in your bedroom, mudroom or garage will help you better manage your workout/sporting gear for all of your favorite activities.

Now this may seem like a stretch, no pun intended, but organization in general will help you to achieve most of your resolutions. If working out or staying organized is the goal, we can help. Closet solutions are easily visualized after we assess the space and provide you with 3D renderings of what should be your new resolution, “closet/mudroom redo”.


Get More Sleep

This one is pretty easy to predict, but in case you haven’t had enough sleep to think of it – you might need new bedroom furniture, sheets or even a complete rearrangement of your space. We believe in the basics of simplistic modern design - even if your style is more rustic. Get the junk out of your room asap! Simplify your life and your sleeping space with less clutter. We have all of the remedies at Rumor, including an 8-person design team to expedite your resolutions of getting more sleep into “simplify my sleep space”.

Renovate the House

Well there’s a lovely idea, and we didn’t even suggest it! If the long-awaited or even dreaded process of finally remodeling your home is on your 2017 resolution list, we can help and help to make it a smooth process. Whether it’s one room, your entire home, a remodel or something you’re building from scratch – there is no better bunch of designers than the Rumor Team.

Next Steps:

  • Call us at 970.819.9721 to schedule your 1 hour complimentary consultation - *for new clients.
  • Look through our signature services and put down a retainer to jump start your project.
  • Sign up for a free Houzz account and start pinning what inspires you - we'll take a look and discuss the direction of your project.
  • Sit back and relax, we've got your remodel covered. By next year, you'll be resolving to sing our praises each day in your new space.

Cheers to you in 2017 - may you design a life you love!