A Secluded Guest Cabin is Transformed From Tired to Inspired

There were a few key areas tackled in this overhaul: the kitchen, the master bath and the guest bath.

Kitchen - There were diagonals in the kitchen that didn't work well with functions like loading the dishwasher. In addition the previous plumbing had been located on an exterior wall. We pulled in the plumbing, created a ledge behind the sink and straightened out the new cabinet layout.

Range - The range had an enormous hood, lower than average work spaces on either side and outdated tiling. In addition the towers to the left and right of the range were at a diagonal similar to the sink area, and we were able to straighten out that layout.

Master Bath - This former vanity wall was pushed back and elongated to accommodate the new double vanity.

  • Architect: Laurie Beauregard

  • Builders: Fair & Square Construction

  • Tile Installer: Precision Tile

  • Photos By: Todd Wilson

  • Designers: Rumor Design, Valerie Stafford + Leslie Dapper

  • Tasks included: Blueprint Review, Elevation Drawings for all bathroom wall and tile treatments, Lighting, Plumbing Fixtures, Flooring, Furniture Pieces, Paint & Solid Surface Selections.

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